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AEG G.IV Medium Bomber (1916)

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The AEG G.IV series of medium bombers was a German Air Force stalwart from 1916 through 1918.

The AEG G.IV was another successful product of the Allgemeine Elektritzitats Gesellschaft aircraft corporation and was an amalgam of what made the G.I, G.II and G.III successful aircraft in their own right. The system was produced in 1915 and entered frontline service with air units by 1916, seeing action through the end of the war in 1918.

The twin-engine, three-man aircraft was of a biplane design. Up to 882lbs of external ordnance was allowed on the aircraft and this was further complimented with two defensive machine gun positions at fore and aft of the pilots mid-position.

The G.IV served well for the German air force in an offensive capacity but was limited by the short range offered by the system. Nevertheless, the units equipped with the G.IV fought against the Italians on the Southern Fronts to good effect and would even be called upon to complete night bombing missions as well.

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Specifications for the
Medium Bomber

Focus Model: AEG G.IV
Country of Origin: Imperial Germany
Manufacturer: Allgemeine Elektritzitats Gesellschaft (AEG)
Initial Year of Service: 1916
Production: 320

Crew: 3

Length: 31.82 ft (9.7 m)
Width: 60.37 ft (18.40 m)
Height: 12.80ft (3.90 m)
Weight (Empty): 0 lb (0 kg)
Weight (MTOW): 8,003 lb (3,630 kg)

Powerplant: 2 x Mercedes D.IVa 6-cylinder liquid-cooled inline engines generating 260hp each.

Maximum Speed: 103 mph (165kmh; 89 kts)
Maximum Range: 466 miles (750km)
Service Ceiling: 14,764 ft (4,500 m; 2.8 miles)
Rate-of-Climb: 0 feet per minute (0 m/min)

Hardpoints: 2
Armament Suite:
2 x machine guns

Up to 882lbs of external ordnance

G.IV - Production Model Series Designation

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