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Ares Defense FMG (Folding Machine Gun) Folding Submachine Gun (1986)

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The Ares FMG was a novel attempt to protect the average citizen.

The Ares folding submachine gun was an attempt by a gun manufacturer to create a completely compact submachine gun weapon system. Eugene Stoner, the developer of the M16 rifle and M63 Stoner light machine gun (the latter a Vietnam-era light machine gun alternative to the M60 GPMG) ran the project through his Ares, Incorporated gun firm. The basic concept revolved around the idea of arming civilians, in particular businessmen whom were regularly the targets of kidnappers, with a concealable submachine gun-type weapon system.

The basic blowback firing action is said to be acceptable for a system this size and the weapon was chambered for a variety of 9mm rounds. A rate of 650 rounds per minute is reported, with an effective range between 250 and 400 feet. A 20 or 32-round box magazine system could be fed into the weapon. The pistol grip is hollow and is where the box magazine is fed through.

The Ares folding submachine gun is folded by pushing a lock button and bringing the rear part of the gun system forward and down over the pistol grip, then folding both parts in under the barrel section. To unfold the system, the user pushes two unlocking buttons on the front part of the weapon (making up the barrel) and pull the weapon casing backwards then up. No fixed sights are afforded the shooter. The system folds down to 10.3 inches in length (262mm). The system can be made ready to fire in 3-5 seconds.

Though never put into production, at least five working versions were produced and tested. No variants are known is exist beyond these and none have ever been reported to be used in actual combat. Though the concept might be sound, it obviously did not generate enough interest in the open market to be developed any further.

The Dave Boatman-produced M-21 folding submachine gun and the Russian PP-90 all follow the same type of design philosophy though the Stoner-designed FMG is the most recognizable of the three.

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Specifications for the
Ares Defense FMG (Folding Machine Gun)
Folding Submachine Gun

Country of Origin: United States
Manufacturer: Ares Defense Systems, Incorporated - US
Initial Year of Service: 1986

Overall Length: 503mm (19.80in)
Barrel Length: 220.00mm (8.66in)
Weight (Empty): 4.61lbs (2.09kg)

Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum / 9mm NATO
Action: Blowback
Feed: 20- or 32-Round box magazine
Rate-of-Fire: 650 rounds per minute
Range: 250ft (76m; 83yds)

FMG - Base Developmental Model

United States