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RPG-2 Reusable, Man-Portable Rocket Propelled Grenade (1949)

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The RPG-2 was a post-war design with origins based in successful German war time production models.

The RPG-2 is a rocket-propelled grenade launching system. It can trace its history back to the end days of World War 2 where captured German-designed systems were now being used against their owners. Essentially, the RPG-2 is developed from captured German Panzerfaust grenade launchers.

The weapon fires a fin-stabilized HEAT rocket round. The firer is protected by the launcher's wood-encased body running down the mid-section of the shaft. Basic sights fore and aft assist the firer in aiming. By today's standards, the RPG-2 is a crude yet effective weapon that has seen action all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Knock-off models include the Chinese Type 56, the Czech-designed Type P-27 Pancerovoka and the Yugoslavian-designed M57.

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Specifications for the
Reusable, Man-Portable Rocket Propelled Grenade

Country of Origin: Soviet Union
Manufacturer: State Factories - Soviet Union
Initial Year of Service: 1949

Overall Length: 1492 mm (58.74 in)
Barrel Length: 1,492.00 mm (58.74 in)
Weight (Empty): 6.24 lb (2.83 kg)

Caliber*: 82mm
Action: Single Shot
Feed: 1
Rate-of-Fire: 3 rounds per minute
Range: 656 ft (200 m; 219 yds)
Sights: Flip-up Sight Rear; Forward

* Listed caliber(s) for firearms may be model dependent if more than one model type/chambering was produced. Always consult official manufacturer's information or a licensed dealer.

RPG-2 - Base Production Designation

Type 56 - Chinese-produced RPG-2 copy

Type P-27 "Pancerovoka" - Czechoslovakian-produced RPG-2 copy.

M57 - Yugoslavian-produced RPG-2 copy

Cambodia; China; Czech Republic; Egypt; Laos; Libya; Macedonia; Myanmar; Poland; Soviet Union; Thailand; Vietnam; Yugoslavia